Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bike Stuff

I sold my old black Schwinn frame yesterday and some parts and tools are due to show up in a few days. Then the new fixie should finally be done. That is all.

Scott Schumann-The Sartorialist

How rad would it be to have this guy's job?

Note to self: acquire a supacoo lens for the new camera a.s.a.p.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Worked on getting alot of the left over bullshit from the sound deadening and dirt out of the trunk today. Killed my back lol and I'm still not satisfied with it. It does look a lot better already though. It's supposed to rain tomorrow so I'll work on the inside on the next decent day.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Camera

Picked up a new camera. A Nikon D40. It's not professional grade but should take really nice pics for all I'm planning to do with it. Look forward to better pics soon! Haha. I apologize for all of the iPhone pics.


I've been playing with my wheel fitment again. All because I want to go lower. I tried tucking rim in the back but I can't get the lips flush enough to the fender to make it look right. HELLASUNK. I think I might be able to make it work if I had toe rods to correct my toe in problem (possible next purchase). Also my front wheels poke far too much to look right when the rears are tucked. I could push the fronts in a little but with 215/35s stretched on 10s the wheel gap would just look silly in my opinion. So it's back to my old setup...with maybe a little more poke this time. Crazy? Of course! *thumbs up*

Bad Parenting

My brother received a phone call today from the guy that I sold my bike to. He was pulled over for splitting lanes which is illegal in Iowa. He just moved here from California so he was unaware of the law. He was also cited for no insurance, no license, and for having my plate on the bike that he was supposed to use only to get it home and then mail it back to me. On top of that they wouldn't let him ride the bike away so it had to be towed. Just when things couldn't get any worse, the towing company dropped the bike. It's not mine anymore but it's sad to hear because I have a long history with the bike. I bought it when I was in high school. One of the cleanest 1100's around just joined the rest of them. Sorry old girl. I hope you find it in your heart to forgive me.

A Love Letter for You–West Philadelphia Murals

A Love Letter for You - West Philadelphia Murals from Will Roegge on Vimeo.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Random Snap

Home Sweet Home

Tyler brought his bike home the other day in hopes of selling it. He's had quite a few people interested in it so hopefully he can find a buyer, that way he can buy some more parts for the zenk. I should also have mine home soon to do the same. Time to move on to bigger and better things. Rest assured that there will be more bikes coming our way :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Body Transformation

Number One and I have been on a weight loss kick for awhile now. Lost a few pounds here. Few pounds there. Gained some back. Lost some more. Anyways, Monday we decided it's time to get serious. I've been hitting the gym twice a day. Cardio in the morning, then go about my day, lift at night, then another session of cardio right after. I feel like I have so much more energy since I've changed my eating habits and been drinking shit tons of water. I'm so ready for tonight's workout. Ohhh this is gonna be good. =)

Pika! Pika!

Monday, March 21, 2011


Thank you to everyone that follows our blog! We can't believe you guys even find this interesting. You guys are our motivation to keep blogging. Believe me, there have times that we have almost given up. Thanks again for all your support!

Yours Truly,

The Monkey Boys Yo

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Busy Work

Been busy lately with little things here and there with the car. I'm in the process of gutting it now and a little motor work. There is still alot that I need to finish and a few other things I want to do to get the car track ready. I'm horrible about taking pics but here's what I managed to take with my phone.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Heartbreaker Japan Relief Fund

Heartbreaker for Japan, relief project.


My name is Yuta Akaishi and i am part of a car club by the name of Heartbreaker, If you are reading my blog i assume you have a decent idea of what kind of cars we build and drive. We have huge respect for Japan and many of our friends and family call Japan their home. Personally for me, my whole family lives in Japan and have been affected my the earthquakes, the tsunami and now the complications with the nuclear power plants.

We have never sold any stickers with any variation of our logo to the public, however i would like to do so at this time and offer these vinyl stickers which i will be personally making for sale at five dollars each, The same person who designed our Heartbreaker logo, a good friend of ours - Grayson was kind enough to design this logo for us as he is also Japanese American with family in Japan, We are all striving to do our own little part in helping those in need and urge you to do the same.

Every penny that i can raise through the sale of these stickers will be donated to aid the recovery of Japan, meaning when you donate $5.00, i will forward that money right to Japan. The sticker is just a gift that i would like to send to you. The postage and cost of materials will be paid for by myself as my contribution to aiding Japan. I would very much appreciate it if you could post this info up on any forums, blogs, facebook pages that you frequent.

You can order by sending $5 to through paypal (just click the donate button at the bottom right of my blog!), please be sure to include your desired color and your mailing address, and also please send an email including the paypal email address that you used, mailing address and desired color to so i can verify your order and stay in contact with you. Thank you very much, and below is the exact design that you will be receiving: available in white, black, silver or chrome, 8" in length.


New Fixie Build

So I changed my mind. I'm now swapping all my parts from the Schwinn frame over to the Mercier. I've decided to keep it because it's much stronger and will ride more like my BMX bike rather than a road bike. Plus it also looks hellaflush with the Deep Vs on it haha I should be finishing it up this morning. I just have to go pick up a few new tools to get it done.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Another Beautiful Day

Just chilled all day yesterday. Mexifood over by Drake at a little place called La Rosa's, Grays Lake to meet some peeps, car wash, wrench time, and then out for a drive to Red Robin. Yummmm! It was supposed to rain today but the weather guy decided to be a wise guy and take it out. So today will be yet another B-E-A-utiful day. Enjoy!

Almost forgot to mention I wrecked the fixie the other day. Everything is still straight but I felt like a major doucher as I had just explained to some friends everything that can go wrong while riding one haha got a few scrapes on my leg and elbow but nothing major =D

La Rosa

Fajitas off the hook.

The Lazy Song - Bruno Mars

Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Break!

Tonight was an awesome start to spring break. Amidst the stop light drags, off roading at the bowling alley, and driving and wrenching on the 14, I actually forgot about all my worries. Best time I've had in a long time. At dinner, the waitress bet me I couldn't eat all my nachos. Needless to say she lost and I went home a buck richer. She also asked if I was gay? My response: "Why? Am I too good to be true?" LOL We ran into a bunch of old friends bowling and everyone stayed sober for once. No puke. No fights. Nothing compared to last weekend. Taylor managed to get in a little street sliding...."one count of jealousy right here," as Manny would say haha I also got my steering wheel installed and started replacing my old factory radio. Time to hit the sack now though. Tomorrow should be just as fun =)

Sunday, March 13, 2011


I bought these over winter and finally got around to painting them last night. They're not OEM but I thought they flowed nicely with my skirts. I installed them this afternoon. I'm also wiring up my fogs. Just have to install the switch tomorrow and button up a few loose ends and we should be good to go. Also ordered a few piddly things that should show up in the next couple of days.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Went Downtown Last Night

For the first time this year. We'll probably head down again tonight too with the cars. It was kinda cold late yesterday but a bunch of guys got together for a photoshoot. Number One, Manny, and I rolled the Impala since our cars don't like most parking garages around here, which is where the shoot took place. Maybe I'll be able to steal a few pics from a local forum to post up. Until next time...



Thursday, March 10, 2011

42 Inch Monitor

Been using our tv as a pc monitor. I must say I like it a lot better than the standard size and HD porn quality is excellent. *thumbs up*

Monday, March 7, 2011

Nice Try

Over the weekend my buddy wanted to go to a parking garage and take some pics. I ended up getting turtled right past the entrance with my brother behind me. He turned around and I lifted the arm so he could drive under and then with his car on the other side he was able to hit the button so I could go under as well. If I were an inch lower I could have just gone under anyways. At least we didn't have to pay. Anyways here's a few pics I snapped that night on my phone.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

FRP Quick Fix

ETS knows what's up. Although cracked and clearanced fenders never bothered me...

Friday, March 4, 2011

Sparco For Sale

Sparco Ring steering wheel. Comment here or email me @ if interested. $150.

Tres Amigos

Jimmy UP 180SX Ver. 2 Tees

Just picked em up in grey and purple. I'm more excited about the free stickers that come with them! *FIST PUMP* That and they're only making 100 of these shirts, which means I'm going to own 1/50th of them lol

Far East Movement-Round Round

Watched Tokyo Drift tonight and this song really stood out this time. The chorus is so awesome!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Transmission Crossmember

I was going to buy this a few days ago but it ended up being given to me for free. Can't beat that. Now I'll just swap out that rubber mount for the solid one I purchased and be one tiny step closer to being 5 speed swapped. =)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Suck It Up Ya Pussy

Last night was a little chilly, but Manny, my bro and I took the cars to boji and then the car wash. Roads were shitty so I'm gonna wash my car again today. One of Tyler's high quality hid's quit working and I broke the other side of my lip. We need a good stretch of some decent weather to get some progress made. There's so much to do and mother nature is bein a douche. Hopefully we'll get a photoshoot in from none other than the great Manuel himself later. Here's a few snaps from last night.

More from T Ward

Mercier Kilo TT Frameset

I picked up another fixie frame bright and early this morning after being tipped off by a friend of mine. I got a good deal on it but the size is 52cm which is way too small for me. It's going up for sale here shortly after I determine if there are any parts I want to rob for myself.


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

iheartstance stickers

This showed up in the mail today. It now graces the back window of the 14 =) Taylor received one too. I don't know if you guys have seen this blog yet but I highly recommend checking it out. The dopeness is plentiful. Click it up over in the blog roll.


Privacy Glass

Not so private after all.